Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

The Bible declares several objects as metaphors of Jesus’ inner nature. For example, Jesus is “living water” and “the bread of life.” I have additionally found Jesus to be like the “sun.” Allow me to explain.

I live just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado — a city often rated as one of the best overall places in America to live. In my town, we average 247 sunny days per year (i.e., sun during 67% of the year; two out of every three days). In contrast, the national average is 205 sunny days. Shoot, we even get as much sun as…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

I am united to Jesus and want to love all others in His selfless way. I fail repeatedly. However, recently, I read about how Jesus warned against “Bible experts” who oppress Jesus’ followers. Here is what I learned.

Justice and righteousness are a huge deal to God. The concept of justice demands that every human life be treated with dignity; all deserve the same equal status. Thus, no one’s life is more valuable than another person’s. All humans are made in God’s image — as precious beings, fully loved, equally, by their Creator. And there is no category of human…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

I invite you to eavesdrop on a conversation. If you love Jesus, are gay, and tolerate respectful differences, this chat will be essential.

Me: Thank you, Pastor, for initiating this chat. You have always been such a dear friend and supporter of mine. The last time we spoke was at the Revoice Conference [for celibate gay Christians] precisely two years ago. You kindly hosted me in your home for two days. You introduced me to the “primary players” in the celibate gay evangelical community, of which I became one myself. …

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” was a 30-minute television show that captivated young audiences in America from 1968–2001 (33 years!). True enough. I well remember my son being mesmerized in watching this kind, mild-demeanor celebrity. And each day, Mister Rogers taught obvious truths to every child and a mystery to many adults.

Mister Rogers is my hero.

Fred Rogers’ sweet truths have helped me to know I am accepted — exactly as I am.

When Mister Rogers is listening to a person (whether a child or adult), that person is regarded as the most remarkable human on the planet. Fred kneels down…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

Ever since I universally came out as gay, I have been increasingly experiencing compassion and supplying mercy. I notice the marginalized — even at the Happiest Place on Earth. And this event was unforgettable!

Magic in the Magic Kingdom

In the fall of 2020, America was in crisis. Covid-19 was continuing to take lives. Loves ones could not be there for the final breathe, nor even hold a funeral service for their deceased loved one. And Americans had virtually run out of patience for being necessarily isolated from other people and human touch.

During this intense period, America…

Clashing Debate Between Single Gay Christians

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Jesus was celibate and encouraged some people to be likewise. Side B single-gay-Christians find their calling in sexual abstinence and celibacy. In contrast, Side A single-gay-Christians choose homoromantic relationships and gay marriage. Why do both options work well — and what’s the best fit for you?


If Jesus were to personally tell you that celibacy is the best fit for your life, would you obey? Such is the right choice for Side B, single-gay-Christians.

If, instead, Jesus were to personally tell you that it is not good for you to live alone — and that He would be delighted if…

I am … and this is how I do it.

I am permanently united with Jesus. He will never leave me; I will never leave him. And I am gay. Let’s see how all of that fits for me.

My Confession

I have committed my life over to Jesus. He is my God, king, rescuer, friend, and husband. Jesus has committed His life over to me, literally dying for me. Thus, I am Jesus’ Follower, friend, and husband.

Additionally, I demonstrate my gratitude to Jesus by providing loving kindness to each person within my sphere of contact. …

How Evangelical Couples Can Thrive in a Challenging Pairing

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“Mixed Orientation Marriages” (MOM) among evangelical Christians stand an opportunity to flourish or fail miserably. I was in a MOM for 41 years — separated only by my wife’s death by cancer. Additionally, I have mentored hundreds of evangelical men who possess same-sex attraction (SSA) and are married to a straight evangelical wife. Here is what I have learned. Trust me; it gets complicated!


This article speaks only toward the unique combination of an evangelical Protestant husband who experiences SSA in union with his evangelical straight wife. Evangelical marriages are particularly prone to the belief that “homosexuality” is a sin…

Jesus’ example of inclusivity and love

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When affirming gay Brothers are unwelcomed by non-affirming Christians, how shall we respond? Read on, as Jesus had much to say about inhospitality and injustice.

“Lord, do You want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them?” But Jesus turned and rebuked them. And Jesus and His disciples went on to another village (Luke 9:54b-56).

As background for this passage, Jesus’ apprentices were responsible for securing lodging from the neighboring community (“Samaritans”) — a group of Jews who did not align with Jesus’ message. This non-affirming, religious community of Samaritans refused to provide hospitality and social equality to…

I was Focus’s closeted gay vice president

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I was the vice president of Focus on the Family (a.k.a., Focus) for nine years from 1995–2004. I was closeted then, and today I am a Christian who is universally out as a gay, affirming man — endorsing equal rights for gay people.

What you are about to read are my “fair-and-balanced” insights. Some of you will disapprove of my association with Focus, others will disapprove of my respect for gay marriages. I ask you to suspend judgment and embrace understanding Focus on the Family, the gay rights movement, and the evangelical versus gay rights culture war within America.


Mike Rosebush, PhD

Lover of Jesus | Single, Gay, Affirming | Founder/Writer “GAYoda” | Counselor | Encourager

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