Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

The Bible declares several objects as metaphors of Jesus’ inner nature. For example, Jesus is “living water” and “the bread of life.” I have additionally found Jesus to be like the “sun.” Allow me to explain.

I live just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado — a city often rated as…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

I am united to Jesus and want to love all others in His selfless way. I fail repeatedly. However, recently, I read about how Jesus warned against “Bible experts” who oppress Jesus’ followers. Here is what I learned.

Justice and righteousness are a huge deal to God. The concept of…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

I invite you to eavesdrop on a conversation. If you love Jesus, are gay, and tolerate respectful differences, this chat will be essential.

Me: Thank you, Pastor, for initiating this chat. You have always been such a dear friend and supporter of mine. The last time we spoke was at…

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” was a 30-minute television show that captivated young audiences in America from 1968–2001 (33 years!). True enough. I well remember my son being mesmerized in watching this kind, mild-demeanor celebrity. And each day, Mister Rogers taught obvious truths to every child and a mystery to many adults.

Life Lessons of a Loving Gay Christian

Ever since I universally came out as gay, I have been increasingly experiencing compassion and supplying mercy. I notice the marginalized — even at the Happiest Place on Earth. And this event was unforgettable!

Magic in the Magic Kingdom

In the fall of 2020, America was in crisis…

God’s shocking blueprint

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Straight and gay relationships alike appear to follow a divine blueprint. Evangelicals and post-evangelicals, however, apply this blueprint in very different ways. Come and see the blueprint and the contrasting applications!

The Straight Relationship

Here is what I learned about myself during my early relationship with my straight wife.

I noticed her; a…

Real-life examples from evangelical authorities

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Gaslighting” is a colloquialism wherein an authority figure (“gaslighter”) intentionally and repeatedly provides a narrative to a vulnerable person (“gaslightee”) to make the gaslightee question their sanity.

An all-too-common example is an evangelical (gaslighter) trying to convince a gay person (gaslightee) that his understanding of his sexuality is wrong and…

The harms of tribalism & scapegoating; the victory of love

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Evangelicals generally disdain LGBTQ. What role does conscience play in creating this antagonistic culture war? More importantly, what hope do we have for bringing reconciliation? Read on.

Conscience Versus Acquired Knowledge

Conscience” [Greek: suneidesis] is an innate state of being in which we already fully know something to be morally true. For example, any…

Come and see why the “Law of Love” makes sense

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To fully embrace Jesus’ highest two commands, it might be helpful if you suspended your presuppositions and just enjoyed a game of pretending. I promise no irreparable harm will come to you. I cannot promise that it will not expand your worldview.

Pretend you deeply love Jesus and will never…

I am sad to lose our friendship, Jim.

Mike Rosebush, PhD

Lover of Jesus | Single, Gay, Affirming | Founder/Writer “GAYoda” | Counselor | Encourager

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